Monday, September 4, 2017

Something More- The Beginning

I want to do something more than what came before.
I want to stand up and stand out.
I don't want to follow or copy.
I want a chance to be me.
Express creatively
Be unique and free
Wave my flag, a freak
Flash my wild streak
I've really been stamped down since becoming a mom
I love them, I do, but I've been lost
In the avalanche of toys and the constant noise
In the sea of laundry
My pen lost its poise
But wait more than writing is gone
Since becoming a mom
Where's my weird, where's my fun, the passion from my young
Er self i know i sound so self
Ish give me a break
Its just a mom's wish
To say no to
Another dirty dish
Instead say yes
To wear that dress
To read that book
To claim my time
Wear that new look
To get whats mine
And not have to cook
Four different meals
Every week night
And yet its all the same
Nuggets and fries
Cheese I despise
Day in day out
No new surprise
No lettuce
No "green stuff"
Or spicy
It gets tough
I know Im complaing
And even worse its in rhyme
Find the beauty
Find the peace
They say I only get one chance
They say they'll grow up way too fast
So smile even if it makes me look crazy
And enjoy it even if it makes me feel crazy

Because one day I will miss it like crazy

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